Course Outline

CAPS provides training of the following topics

course outline truck

In this course outline you will learn:

  • How To Get Started (Setting up your office).
  • Business and Tax Information.
  • Available Resources to use for your business.
  • Terminology of the Trucking Industry.
  • Truck Education.
  • Marketing (How To Market Drivers for Business).
  • Required Documents to Run your Business/Contracts.
  • Rate Training and Negotiating.
  • Marketing (How To Market Shippers).
    *(This will include Live Interactive calls to Industry Customers).*
  • Load Board Training/How To Find and Book Loads.
  • Pre-Qualifying Process of Brokers, Shippers and Drivers.
  • Required Documents to Book Freight with customers.
  • Billing (How Truck Driver gets paid and Required Documents).
  • Billing/Invoicing (How Dispatcher Gets Paid).

Caps Dispatching Services offers a comprehensive and Simple Course of Study for the Determined Individual ready to succeed.
**Training includes a total of 12 Private ONE on ONE Training sessions conducted via TELECONFERENCE (TELEPHONE) and/or SCREENSHARE(INTERNET). Each session is 2 hours long.**
Caps Allows The Student to Train at their Own Personal Pace