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CAPS Dispatching Services,  located in Houston, Texas is committed to helping those individuals to a piece of the American dream by turning thoughts into lucrative income. We have dedicated our services to those who would like to     Start A Successful Home Based Truck Dispatcher Business for themselves with our 
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Truck Dispatchers are very valuable to the Large or Small Independent Trucking Company because a Dispatcher's Objective is to take care of all of the Trucking Company's Load Planning and Dispatching Needs and this is just some of what we train in our Truck Dispatching Sessions. 

Our mission is to the individual who desires to start a Home Based TRUCK DISPATCHING BUSINESS. Our objective is to provide THOROUGH and QUALITY TRAINING to every single person that completes the training. The personal success of EACH INDIVIDUAL who may take the training is very important to CAPS Dispatching Services. 

We Find Loads For Independent Truck Drivers

We also pride ourselves in assisting the Independent Owner Operator with PLANNING LOADS for his/her truck/trucks and making it a priority to MINIMIZE down time of drivers not being on the road, and our goal is to find the very Best PAYING LOADS the industry has to offer. 

Our mission is also to provide PROFESSIONAL and quality services to the independent owner operator; to consistently help him/her to increase PROFIT MARGIN as a truck driver. Whether you are interested in our services for "TRUCK DISPATCH TRAINING" or interested in utilizing our "DISPATCH SERVICES" as an independent owner operator, let our EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE help you to reach your maximum profit potential. 

Call CAPS Dispatching Services today to find out just how we can help. 
Email: info@dispatchmytrucks.com

                     My Story

I started this business years ago just on the off chance I may make some money, I never dreamed that years later that this would replace an income of six years in the medical field. I can truly say that I have been blessed and fortunate with this business. I have made more money than I could have every imagined with a home based business and the most wonderful part is that I am my own boss. I don't ever have to wonder if tomorrow is my last day. I thank God for the opportunity and blessing.
P. Ross/Russell
CEO/Caps Dispatching Services
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