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About Us-Dispatch My Trucks, CAPS Dispatching Services,  located in Houston, Texas is committed to helping those individuals to a piece of the American dream by turning thoughts into lucrative income.

About Us-Dispatch My Trucks, We have dedicated our services to those who would like to start a successful home based truck dispatcher business for themselves with our Private, ONE on ONE,  Step By Step Truck Dispatcher Training. Truck Dispatchers are very valuable to the Large or Small Independent Trucking Company because a Dispatcher’s Objective is to take care of all of the Trucking Company’s Load Planning and Dispatching Needs and this is just some of what we teach in our Truck Dispatching Sessions.

Our mission is to the individual who desires to start a Home Based TRUCK DISPATCHING BUSINESS. Our objective is to provide THOROUGH and QUALITY TRAINING to every single person that completes the training. The personal success of EACH INDIVIDUAL who may take the training is very important to CAPS Dispatching Services.

We Find Loads For Independent Truck Drivers

We also pride ourselves in assisting the Independent Owner Operator with PLANNING LOADS for his/her truck/trucks and making it a priority to MINIMIZE down time of drivers not being on the road, and our goal is to find the very Best PAYING LOADS the industry has to offer.

Our mission is also to provide PROFESSIONAL and quality services to the independent owner operator; to consistently help him/her to increase PROFIT MARGIN as a truck driver. Whether you are interested in our services for “TRUCK DISPATCH TRAINING” or interested in utilizing our “DISPATCH SERVICES” as an independent owner operator, let our EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE help you to reach your maximum profit potential.

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  • Testimonial:

    I had to write a review regarding CAPS DISPATCHING SERVICES for this company is an amazing company. I know the owner and she started from scratch with her objective being to provide a service for those SELF STARTERS that wanted to work from home in a business that did not require a big startup cost and still made it possible to make 6 figures a year, depending on how hard you wanted to work.

    CAPS DISPATCHING SERVICES is an excellent source for those with this objective in mind. I cannot speak for other dispatching services but Caps takes time and work with their clients to ensure they are fully aware of all aspects of the dispatching industry and offer the training at prices that are affordable to all.

    I would highly recommended CAPS DISPATCHING SERVICES for they do what they say and they say what they do. I am a big supporter of CAPS DISPATCHING SERVICES and I will refer all of my friends that are interested in dispatching to CAPS DISPATCHING. They are definitely who they say they are…”THE BEST”


  • I received the training with Caps Dispatching Services and in only a short time, I was able to get drivers and start making an income. I am very thankful to Pamela for all of her patience and concern for my personal success. I would recommend Caps Dispatching Services to anyone that wants to start a truck dispatcher business for themselves.

    R. Crawford
  • I had searched for information on Truck Dispatching Services or any assistance to get started in this industry and to be my own boss. After doing a lot of searching and research, I decided to look into the training program offered by CAP’S and see if it was worth the money. At first, I thought it was too good to be true, less expensive than other services being offered. After getting the packet of information and setting up the one on one phone training, I realized that what was being taught was from real life experiences and not from a text book. The training was conducted based on my availability and over a period of a few weeks to accommodate my previous work schedule. The training provided me with a lot of lessons learned from marketing, sales, office administration and lastly real life phone monitoring with live calls. This was very impactful and gave me the confidence to start making calls even prior to the completion of the training. Due to this, I was able to immediately sign up a new driver and start making money within the first two weeks. As is stated in training, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

    T. Anderson
  • I started this business and set everything up in a couple of days. I followed the training exactly as instructed and I started making money in just my very 1st week. My business is growing faster than what I would have expected for a home based business that was so easy to set up.

    K. Nelson
  • The course of Caps Trucking Dispatcher Training is very professional. I can tell you I have learned alot and the training has prepared me to start my Dispatching Business, it was worth investing in the training and I will make the money. The main thing that I liked was the training by telephone one on one. So I recommend to anyone interested in becoming an Independent Dispatcher this is it. The Magic of the training was the marketing, Pam makes it simple and easy to the point. There is such a strong demand for this service as a dispatcher, people in the industry will be knocking on your door offering you more business if you work accordingly to the training. Good Luck Everyone $$.